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Mold inspections

If you are researching mold, you might come across different services and costs that list both mold inspection and mold testing.

Mold inspections simply identifies the presence of mold and generally defines the size of the problem. Mold testing attempts to identify what specific type of mold is in your home and how many mold spores are in the air. 

It does not matter what kind of mold is present. You need to remediate mold problems regardless of the specific species of mold.

The EPA has set no guidelines for an acceptable amount of mold or mold spores in a house and remember that every home has some mold spores inside it. 


Preventing mold

Getting rid of mold in your house can be a major task, and remediation can be expensive if the mold is widespread. The best solution to mold problems is to prevent them from ever happening. Here are some tips on preventing mold:

Repair leaks promptly. Whether it is a leak in your roof or a rusted out water pipe, fix leaks and keep moisture out of your house.

Clean and dry things promptly. If your basement floods or condensation from your air-conditioner drips onto a carpet, dry everything out within 24 to 48 hours. Mold needs moisture to grow, so prompt drying is vital.

Control humidity. Extremely humid air can provide enough moisture for mold to form on some surfaces. Use a dehumidifier in your basement and run air-conditioning when possible during the summer. Install vents in your kitchen and bathroom. This will keep humidity down and keep moisture under control.

Mold is a serious problem, and spotting mold contamination before it grows out of control can save you thousands of dollars. This makes the cost of a mold inspection well worth a few hundred dollars when you are buying a new house.


$150.00 per sample taken When included with our normal home inspection

$385.00 Includes a complete excessive moisture inspection.

Includes a complete examination of the moisture issue(s) with the use of a thermal imaging camera.

Includes complete testing with the use of digtial moisture meters.  .

Includes 1 mold sample.  

Any additional samples required are $150.00 per sample taken.




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